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The competition season is upon us, and we are starting our Fundraising BBQs (a few weeks behind, sorry). The purpose of these BBQ’s is to help raise money to help you guys out with costs for the actual competitions (hotel, gas, tanning, registration). Right now, we won’t be able to do full on sponsorships (next year guys), but we want to at least give something back to our members.

Here’s how it works: We BBQ…all profits (after we’ve paid ourselves back) will go into a pot and will accumulate. The competitor approaches one of us (Ryan or Tarra) and requests support (it’s cool, no judging, that shit is expensive!). If we have money in the pot, we help out, usually paying directly to the source. That’s all.

Competitor Requirements:

  • Must be a member of Rhino’s Gym…and no, you can’t just buy one month or a day pass, but it must be an auto-pay or paid in full membership.

  • You must volunteer at least once prior to your show/meet/competition (we want to show you off!)

  • Upload a profile to our website (again, we like to show you off!)

  • You must be actually participating in the show (not a coach or spectator)

  • You must be awesome…haha, jk : ) as long as you don’t smell bad, it’s cool

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