Our Gym

Fuck Average ...you're exceptional, a monster in your world, a beastSo, why "exercise" at a place where you're not appreciated, you can't be yourself, and limits are placed on your abilities?  Wanna hit a PR on your deadlift, bench press, or squat...go right ahead and lift that shit.  Hell, yell if you want, no one cares, and we can't hear you over the loud metal anyway.  We have all the chalk you need, old-school equipment used by the legends, and the hardcore gym to match the way you want to train.

Old-School Equipment
  • Monolift Squat

  • Belt Squat

  • Cybex Squat Rack (2)

  • Competition Squat Rack

  • Deadlift platforms (3)

  • Adjustable Benches

  • Hammerstrength Leg Extension (Plate Loaded)

  • Hammerstrength Leg Curl (Plate Loaded)

  • Lying Leg Curl (Plate Loaded)

  • Standing Calf Raise (Plate Loaded)

  • Magnum Leg Press (Plate Loaded)

  • Incline and Flat Bench Stations (2)

  • 5 Column Cable Station

  • Leg Cable Station

  • Icarus Flite Mid Row (Plate Loaded)

  • Icarus Flite Lat Pulldown (Plate Loaded)

  • Icarus Flite Shrug (Plate Loaded)

  • Dip Machine (Plate Loaded)

  • Single-Arm Concentration Curl (Plate Loaded)

  • Cambered Pre-loaded EZ Bars

  • Dumbells 3lbs to 120lbs

  • Limited Cardio Equipment (more coming soon)


Strongman Cage


  • Steel Stone Table

  • Atlas Stones (Tacky Permitted)

  • Hollow Axel

  • Axel

  • Keg

  • Circus Dumbbells

  • We're just getting started here!


Coming Soon


  • Conditioning Area
  • Calibrated Kilo Plates


Other Toys


  • Chains

  • Big Ass Tires

  • Sled

  • Yoke (2)

  • Farmer's Carry (2)

  • Heavy Bag


Are you new to our gym and would like a quick tour?  One of us will show you how to use each piece of equipment and explain the rules of the gym to you.  This is a free session and groups are permitted.