Fuck Average're exceptional, a monster in your world, a beastSo, why "exercise" at a place where you're not appreciated, you can't be yourself, and limits are placed on your abilities?  Wanna hit a PR on your deadlift, bench press, or squat...go right ahead and lift that shit.  Hell, yell if you want, no one cares, and we can't hear you over the loud metal anyway.  We have all the chalk you need, old-school equipment used by the legends, and the hardcore gym to match the way you want to train.

Regular Membership
  • Monthly memberships must be autodrafted from your checking account

  • Paid in Full memberships must be paid  when the contract is signed


Defense Forces Membership
  • Defense Forces - Military, Police, and Fire Department - And Spouses

  • Active Duty, Reservists/Guard, or Veteran

  • Memberships must be autodrafted from your checking account

  • Paid in Full memberships must be paid for when the contract is signed

  • Valid photo ID (or documents with a name that matches your photo ID) are required as proof of your status prior a key card being issued

Personal Trainer Membership
  • Personal Trainers may train clients as long as the PT has a monthly gym membership or purchases day passes
  • Clients without membership to Rhino's Gym are welcome to train here

Members with a code have 24 hour access

Office Hours

Mon -  Fri: Generally 5pm - 8pm (always best to call first)

Sat & Sun: By Appt.

Rhino's Gym is a hardcore, old-school gym in Fayetteville for powerlifters, strongmen, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. We offer strength training exercises for men and women of all ages as well as personal training programs. Trainers are welcome to train their clients here!



906 Cedar Creek Rd

Fayetteville, NC 28312

Tel: 910-635-3903