Frequently Asked Questions

What are your operating hours?

We are a 24/7 facility. We only close if there is a power outage or for three meets that we host a year. When we plan to close, we will always let you know via email, social media, and by posting signs throughout the gym.

I saw you have office hours, does that mean staff is there 24 hours?

Nope. We are a small, mom and pop shop with a tyrant toddler. However, we have everything set up so you can do whatever you need online. Regardless, you can always contact us on our business cell via text or calling if you need anything.

How does a day pass work with the 24 hour access?

You have access to the gym as many times as you need from 0001 until 2359 for the day you bought the day pass. So if you buy it on a Friday, you can come until midnight that same day.

If I buy a day pass or limited membership, do I have to come during office hours?

Nope! You have 24 hour access like a full member would. (see above for more info)

What is the difference between a Full Gym Access membership and a Limited Gym Access membership?

The Full Gym Access membership is geared for those people who plan to make Rhino's their home gym and train here regularly. This incurs the start-up fee, but the monthly cost is cheaper.

Limited Gym Access memberships are for those who are traveling or have a membership at another gym in town and really only come to Rhino's to use specialized equipment or for the atmosphere. There is no start-up fee.

Why do I have to pay a start-up fee?

Since we don't have contracts or cancellation fees, our start-up fees cover broken equipment, replacing items, and purchasing new equipment. We are always upgrading and making sure our equipment is safe for you.

Do any of your options include signing a contract?

Nope! We believe you should ALWAYS have the option to choose where you train.

How can I cancel my membership?

Call or text 910-635-3903

OR email

OR fill out the super easy form on our website which can be accessed HERE

Are there any cancellation fees? And if I cancel and sign up again, do I have to pay another start-up fee?

No to both! We also don't have any contracts.

What is the difference between powerlifting and strongman?

Powerlifting is focused on the three main lifts - squat, bench, and deadlift and working towards simply lifting the most weight in one repetition. Strongman is more functional and focuses on multiple different factors like how much you can carry for a certain distance, how many repetitions you can complete at a certain weight, and involves different varieties of lifts like log press or picking up stones.

Do you have a strength coach at your gym?

Yes! Ryan, one of the owners, is a certified Westside Barbell Special Strengths Coach and Head Coach of our Strength Training team. Contact him at 910-635-3903 for more information. His pricing is listed on our website HERE.

What is a Mental Skills Coach? I've never seen one before.

That may be because we're the only gym around with one embedded in our facility. We believe athletes require mental and physical skills to be their best (just ask Louis Simmons from Westside or check out your favorite athletes). You can learn more HERE

Do you offer personal training? Can I train my own clients at your gym?

Yes to both! If you need personal training, click HERE for more info. If you are interested in training your clients at our gym, click HERE

How do I start powerlifting or strength training?

It can be intimidating for people to start something new but we provide a very supportive atmosphere and are always available to help and answer questions. The most important step towards starting is showing up! If you need help navigating the waters once you get here, we have people who can help you with that.

What is the gym cat's name and can I pet her?

Yes! Her name is Persephone but we call her Percy and you're welcome to pet her but she is a wily one.

Do you have day care?

No but we do allow parents to bring their kids with these restrictions:

- They must NOT go in the back gym area with the equipment (unless they are contained in a play pen or stroller)

- They are not allowed to go on ANY equipment unless we've already talked to you about training them.

- They can stay in the front area with the cardio equipment, chill with Percy, or go outside and play

- No writing on the walls, equipment, or floor

Do you have a basketball court or pool?


Do you have a monolift or a belt squat?

Are cats a pain in the butt? Of course! :)

Can I bring a friend?

Sure! They will need to purchase a day pass HERE